...Keith Leaf grew up in the circus,
but ran away with a normal family ...


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Hiring a multi-talent is like having many different performers in one. Besides juggling Keith Leaf offers a variety of roving and walk around entertainment; as well as, spot performing and circus workshops.


Stilts Walking

Makes a Really BIG impression.

Great for greeting arriving and departing guests.

People love picture taken with Stilt Walker.

Stilts height can vary in size 7 - 9 feet tall depending on the venues.

I perform Juggling, hula hoop, rythmic baton, high fives, and balloon
twisting (* Fire upon speical request )

A Stilt Walker is highly visible and can easily draw crowd or attention. Easy to switch stilts to strolling entertainment on ground.

Multi-talent like many entertainers in one.


Balloon Twisting


Balloon sculptures liven up any event.

Gives your guests a parting gift. Kids love them.

Keith Leaf can make a wide variety of balloons to choose from including (to name but a few):

Flowers, Swords, Fish, Rabbits, Hearts, Bear, Giraffes, Dogs, Cats,

Rats, Bats, Butterfly, Helicopter, and don't forget Hats and Crowns.

You name it, Keith will try to make it. Special orders don't upset us.



Circus Arts Instruction

Circus Arts are a valuable part of many Physical Education and Recreation programs. Because these skills are so novel, challenging, and fun, students of all ages are highly motivated to practice and achieve.

Circus Arts are equally good as individual, partner, and group activities. Many students who do not enjoy traditional sports and games often excel at Circus Arts. Circus skills require concentration, patience, timing, tracking skills, gross motor coordination, and fine motor coordination.

...and Did I mention that it's FUN FUN FUN  

• Diabolo - Chinesse Yo -Yo

• Plate  Spinning

• Juggling - Scarves  and Balls

• Spinning Props - String  Baton, Ropes

• Balancing - Peacock Feathers, Clubs

• Flower Sticks


Novelty Interaction


Novel Props
Hula Hoops
Chatter Ring
Astro - Jaxs
Volcano Ball
Baton Twirling
Jacobs Ladder
Poi Balls / Air Tubes

Circus Arts Props
•Diabolo - Chinesse Yo -Yo
• Plate Spinning - (See Picture)
• Juggling - Scarves and Balls
• Flags and String Baton
• Flower Sticks
• Balancing - Peacock Feathers
• Rope Spinning


Face Painting


Painting by Awesome Andrea and here team of artists.
Ask about our new very popular Glitter tattoos.
Face and body – arms or legs
Full faces or smalls designs

*note - minimum one hour booking