...Keith Leaf grew up in the circus,
but ran away with a normal family ...


Past Performances

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Hear what celebrities and others are saying about Keith’s numerous fantastic appearances:


"Brilliant. Yeah, Thanks for that."quotes

- Paul McCartney, Amagansett, NY


"Loved the show."

- Barbara Walters, East Hampton, NY


“Good show, the kids and I really liked it"

- Donald Trump Jr., Trump Golf Course NJ


"Your show cured my headache."

- Unidentified teacher, Hartford, CT


"Best fireshow I ever saw."

- Sage Boyle age 8, Manhattan, NY


"I liked when he set his butt on fire."

- Gay Joey, Drag Queen, VA Beach, VA


"This guy is on fire."

- Howard Dunn, Venice Beach, CA


"It's really Hot !!!"

- Joanna Shapiro, Galveston, TX


"We should run him for office."

- Judith Hope - Former National Democratic Co-ordinator and NY State Electoral College Representative